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Private Sessions Since 1990

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Pati McDermott: NLP, TPM, hypnosis

Pati McDermott, CHT

Pati is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, a Certified NLP Health Practitioner and a Certified TPM Advanced Master Practitioner.

She has worked with NLP since March 1994. She was certified in the State of California as a Hypnotherapist in 1990.

Her approach is compassionate, supportive, and caring as well as effective, direct and results-oriented.

Pati is available to work on both simple and complex issues. Sessions are two hours in length to offer plenty of time to discuss issues and offer a deep and thorough approach to working through them.

Fees are on a sliding scale to make this work available to as many people as possible.

All sessions are by telephone.

Pati is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Santa Rosa, California.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) applies an understanding of how information is coded and stored in the brain.
This coding determines our conditioned responses to various events and people. Each piece of information, memory, feeling or experience can be traced, explored, understood, and, if desired, changed into the coding we would choose to have. This gives us the opportunity to change less resourceful conditioning into the resourcefulness we prefer. With NLP we can change how we communicate internally and with others; consciously and unconsciously, with the new messages of success, achievement, confidence, physical health, and personal excellence.

The health applications of NLP are particularly exciting. When the barriers to health are removed the body is able to heal. NLP also reinforces healthy lifestyle choices to support that healing.

Most of what we do best we do unconsciously. NLP shows you how to model your own successes so you can consistently apply that to all the areas of your life. It is a way of unfolding your own personal genius. NLP also shows you how to model the success of others and to integrate that into your own.

The understanding that NLP provides in the field of communication and human behavior is widely useful in professional as well as personal relationships.

There are NLP processes to help you identify and change your limiting beliefs. These beliefs often exist unconsciously. Finding what you believe about an area that is unsuccessful reveals the way to change your beliefs to achieve your goals. What you believe you receive.

Positive change always comes from adding resources. NLP is a way of approaching a difficulty or problem and adding the resources needed to identify and achieve the desired outcome.

NLP, TPM and Hypnotherapy are highly effective tools for creating the deep unconscious changes you choose to make.

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Pati McDermott, CHT
Certified NLP Master Practitioner
Certified NLP Health Practitioner
Certified TPM Advanced Master Practitioner
Certified Hypnotherapist
Private Sessions Since 1990
Santa Rosa / San Francisco Bay Area
Appointments By Telephone
877-881-4348 toll free